Arjun Meghe


Introduction & Early Life

Arjun Dattaji Meghe is a humanitarian, politician, businessman and social activist from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Juggling several roles at once, Arjun has been active in business and politics for the past four years with numerous endeavours that aim to improve and uplift the lives of all members of the local community. He is the son of seasoned politician and veteran statesman Shri Dattaji Meghe. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra and split his time between his hometown of Nagpur and residence in Mumbai while growing up. Schooled at one of the finest schooling institutions, Bombay Scottish High School, he completed his ICSE examinations in 2010. He continued his education in Mithibai College and passed his HSC examinations in 2012. Arjun continued his further studies in the United Kingdom, attending City University for a foundation course, Brunel University for business management and also pursued a BA degree from the University of Mumbai.



India Film Factory

Arjun embarked on his business career by co-founding a media solutions company called India Film Factory. He was actively involved in the operations and helped grow the company through client acquisitions. The company has worked with premier business houses of India including Datta Meghe Institutions, ICICI Bank and Global Citizen Festival.

Lit Cabs ( LIT Corp )

Litcabs was co-founded by Arjun Meghe in 2019 with the aim of transforming OOH media and advertising. The company sells ad space and solutions, via mounted displays on black and yellow taxi cabs of Mumbai. He worked with the Transport Commissioner of Maharastra, Transport Minister of Maharastra, Joint Commissioner of Police [Traffic] of Maharastra as well as the MCGM and the regional transport office for getting permissions passed as its a new concept. The company now has more than 300 taxis and services clients like the Future Group, Organic Riot, Loktantra amongst others.


SVSS Education Trust

Arjun serves as the trustee of the SVSS Education Trust, based in Nagpur. SVSS is an educational trust consisting of two schools(CBSE and SSC) and one engineering college in the Hinga district of Nagpur. The trust has more than 3000 students studying currently. As a trustee he has initiated various new administrative systems in the schools and college for higher efficiency and better education to the students.

Datta Meghe World Academy

Arjun serves as the trustee of the Datta Meghe World Academy. Datta Meghe World Academy is a CBSE Board School in Airoli in Navi Mumbai.As a trustee he initiated various new administrative systems in the schools for higher efficiency and better education to the students. The trust has 2000 students studying currently.


Insaniyat Association

Arjun founded and chairs the Insaniyat Association based in Worli, Mumbai that focuses on issues of women empowerment, social development, sports, education and health. As President, he has curated various events and workshops in the Worli Vidhansabha area of Mumbai City. Under his leadership, within two years the foundation has grown from a team of seven trustees to over 3000 members in the Worli Vidhansabha Area of Mumbai City. As president he was invited to view numerous amounts of cultural and religious programmes in the Worli Vidhansabha area of Mumbai City. He has helped the NGO achieve funding to cater to our audience and provide help in whichever way possible.


Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha

Arjun was appointed Secretary of the Maharastra Unit of the Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha on February 21st 2019. As Secretary, he has been instrumental in understanding and reforming youth participation in politics and social development. He has lent his support and efforts to two election campaigns till date.